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First let me say that creating this list was a huge task. It took me a long time to finish it and I hope you appreciate my efforts. I’ve been studying for more free ways to generate traffic online and the good part is that I have learned a lot. The bad part is the fact that I procrastinate and don’t apply enough all the lucrative traffic strategies I come across.

They say information is power but without taking action what we actually have is an illusion of power. I strongly believe that if we apply at least half of the traffic strategies presented in these blog posts, we would no longer have a traffic problem. I’ll let you be the judge of whether I’m right or wrong and since I hate fluff let’s cut to the chase.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #1: 23 Steps to 100,000 Visitors (Step-by-Step Guide) is an article written by Kim Roach. Over the years, Kim has learned the hard way which traffic methods are the best and which ones are a waste of time. And in this article she is delivering them to you up on a silver platter: “Your 23-step roadmap to 100,000+ visitors…”

Traffic Generation Blog Post #2: 3445 Words on How to Promote the Ish out of Your Blog Posts. Ana Hoffman created this handy-dandy practical guide with a step-by-step “promotion in motion” plan and this is just the bare minimum she does for every published blog post.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #3: [Weekly Case Study #1] How I Got 1,325 Unique Visitors, 159 Facebook Likes, 70 Retweets, and 89 Sugars?? On this blog post Ti Roberts reveals everything she did in her first weeks to drive traffic to her site and all the results she got from her efforts.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #4: How to Use FREE In Your Business to Get More Traffic, Subscribers and Customers (Pat’s 2013 NMX Presentation). In this blog post Pat Flynn shares a full-length video recording of his presentation from New Media Expo this past January. The presentation is packed with a ton of relevant content about “the power of using FREE in your business and exactly how and why it should be used, by everyone, to get more traffic, subscribers and customers”.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #5: How I Get Over 100,000 Visitors a Month With Top List Articles. In this article Michael Dunlop shows you how easy it is to create epic stuff that people love & share…

Traffic Generation Blog Post #6: How to Promote Your Blog Like A ‘BOSS’ (Right After You Launch It!). This post gets my vote because Ti Roberts is focusing on what matters the most when it comes to “building sick server crashing traffic in no time” and that is through relationships.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #7: How to Tweet Adder Your Way into Powerful Twitter Traffic (Plus Coupon Discount Code). In this blog post the Godmother of traffic, Ana Hoffman talks about how Tweet Adder helped her soar her Twitter traffic generation to the heights she never thought possible.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #8: 7 Website Traffic Tips to Get 10 Thousand Website Visitors Per Day . This is a guest post written by Mitz on Basic Blog Tips. The title might seem a bit hypey but Mitz actually does get far more than 10,000 visitors a day on one website alone. So if she has something to say about traffic generation we should all listen very carefully.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #9: 4 Hidden Traffic Tips to Spike Your Traffic Stats. It’s Ti Roberts again sharing with you “4 hidden ways to redirect traffic to your site. These traffic tips don’t fall into any specific category, nor do they require any fancy skills sets. They’re creative, yet simple and effective ways to instantly draw the buzz to your honeycomb”.

Traffic Generation Blog Post #10: I’ll leave #10 to you. Have you wrote a great blog post on how to generate traffic or do you know someone who did? Please share great traffic generation posts with me and my audience. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

If you found this post valuable and thought your readers/followers might benefit from it as well, share and link away. Please show me you’re alive and post a comment below!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by and posting a comment, Ti! Your articles provide lots of great, in-depth tips on how to drive traffic and I’m sure everybody who reads them will truly appreciate your work just like I do.

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