How to Use Your Blog to Create a Free Viral List Building System

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If you follow my blog closely, you’ll notice a pattern. I post an article on my blog every time I learn something of real value from internet marketers I respect and follow. We all have to learn from someone and it should be from somebody who’s an authority in our niche. Brad Gosse is an awesome internet marketer, a straight shooter, honest and someone I can really trust.

I picked up this little gold nugget of information from Brad and added a little twist of my own to it in order to make it more effective. This method can help you tremendously when it comes to getting repeat visitors to your site. Let me explain.

Let’s assume you write a great piece of content and you share it on forums, Facebook, Twitter,  Stumble Upon, etc. Your article is great in the sense that it really helps people solve a problem they’ve been trying to figure it out for a while. After reading your article they are impressed and willing to reciprocate your generosity.

At that moment it would be a great move if you could have a call to action at the bottom of your post asking them to subscribe to your blog’s newsletter with their email address. Thus way every time you post a new article on your blog, your reders will be notified via email.

If they loved your content so far, I bet they would be interested in subscribing. It saves them time and headache and it helps you get a constant flow of repeat visitors to your site which will provide you with some revenue through clicks, affiliate commissions or your own products. And as the cycle repeats itself over and over again, your traffic, subscriber count and revenue keep increasing exponentialy.

It’s a great idea and it gets even better. In order to pull this off you need some kind of email service. What if that email service was free, had Google deliverability and you could add an unlimited number of subscribers to your list?

It’s time to introduce FEEDBURNER. Feedburner is a free service delivered by Google which gives you some of the highest deliverability in this business. Feedburner uses the RSS feed from your blog to send daily updated emails completely automatically. You don’t have to go inside Feedburner to push the broadcast button ever.

Let me go again over Feedburner’s benefits:

  • 100% FREE.
  • No list size limits – you can add an unlimited number of subscribers to your list.
  • You get Google’s best deliverability.
  • Feedburner will auto-tweet your blog posts to get you more backlinks using Google’s URL shortener.
  • Sends emails completely automatically to your subscribers every time you post a new article on your blog.
  • And you can plug your Adsense account directly into Feedburner’s outgoing emails so when people click on your Adsense ads in their email box, you get paid.

Here’s how to use Feedburner

 First create your Feedburner account at Then add your blog’s feed address inside the box and hit ‘Next’ ( A blog rss feed address looks something like this: http:/ ).  On the following 3 pages hit ‘Next’ again.

Then go to ‘Publicize’ tab inside you account and click  on ‘Email Subscriptions’ link located on the sidebar on the left to activate the service. Once you’re on the ‘Email Subscriptions’ page just click on ‘Activate’ at the bottom of the page.  Then on the next page copy the HTML code provided and go to your blog and add the code at the bottom of your posts.

I am using WordPress for blogging and it is easy for me to add the provided HTML code to every blog post. Here’s how I do it. I login to my WordPress Admin area then I click on Appearance -> Editor -> Single post ( single.php ). Once I am on the ‘Single post’ edit page, I add the HTML code at the bottom of my blog posts, usually right before tags. You can look at the bottom of this blog post to see how it looks like. 

 Now you have a subscriber box at the bottom of your blog posts and the users who visit your blog will be asked for their email address. Instead of offering them a free ebook, you’ll ask them to join your list so you can deliver your content.  I’m sure you can see the difference in quality, delivering what you promised instead of unwanted emails.

That’s it, I would love to hear your thoughts on this method. Please take a moment to post a comment and subscribe to my blog’s newsletter below if you like what you’ve read so far. Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “How to Use Your Blog to Create a Free Viral List Building System

  1. Good post. I was just looking for a solution just like this. while searching for away to put a subscription box below my post I ran across a few but they were all for sale.

    This is a great free solution!


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